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Mark Verberkt

Location data of Car visible while car is driving by someone else

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Hello Jason,


Thanx for the wonderfull App and Website you (and your colleagues) have build. 

I have a question: When my car is charging and I am in a differrent location then the car, I can see the location of the car in the ABRP app under "Live data". But when the car is driving (by someone else but me) I cannot see the location of the car in the app. The app switches to the location of the device the app is running on. In my case a iPhone. 

I have a 2019 Kona Electric 64 kWh in Europe with a EVnotipi raspberry installed on the ODBII connector. I let ABRP connect to EVnotify account for reading car data.

Is it possible to let ABRP read out the car location via EVnotipi/EVnotify account while the car is driving? This can be usefull when I lent the car to a friend or via a carsharing platform. 


Look forward to your answer.

Mark Verberkt




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Hi Rav. The evnotipi (a raspberry pi mini computer) is online while driving and connected to the OBD II of the car. Since ABRP App gives the location of the car (In the live data section) while the car is parked, I thought it must be possible to also give the location of the car when it drives.  

but this depends on whether or not the EVnotipi reads out the cars location via the OBD II connection. Maybe the ABRP app just gives the last know location just before parking and determines that location via the GPS of the phone and not of the car. 

so my question is really: Does ABRP Read out the car location while charging? Or does it use the Phones GPS when parking? If the former is the case then ABRP can also readout the car’s location while driving and I as owner of the car can see where my car is at any given moment. 

I hope my question is clear with this additional explanation. 

thanx for your reaction. 


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I am not part of this project. I am an analyst who gets specifications to pass on to developers. I'm just trying to help. I might be wasting your time. Instead or repeatedly asking you questions is there a link to how you set up the Kona EV with ABRP or do I have to take the app and try and set up a Kona EV. I don't have a premium account yet. 


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Did you get the EVNotipi WITH the GPS antenna? Otherwise EVNotipi cannot know the location of the car. It really boils down to what EVNotipi is reporting to the ABRP servers.

When someone else drives your car (or rather: has driven), can you see their trips in the EVNotify trip log, for example via web.evnotify.de ? Please note that it takes a few minutes after the end of a trip until it gets reported in the EVNotify log.

I think your question is not so much related to ABRP as it is to EVNotify / EVNotipi. You may get better answers in the goingelectric forum in the corresponding EVNotify topic: https://www.goingelectric.de/forum/viewtopic.php?f=45&t=36647

Most of it is in German, but I believe people will respond in English if you ask in English.


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