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Description:  I want to prefer individual chargers, not all chargers of the operator

Use Case: I can mark charging stations with the best infrastructure for me (playground for kids, nice restaurent, shoppping area, many stalls, ...) and the algo will try to use them preferred.  I plan a lot of trips around munich. I would like the routing algo to use "https://www.goingelectric.de/stromtankstellen/Deutschland/Neufahrn-bei-Freising/Autobahnraststaette-Fuerholzen-West-A9/22771/" when needed. There are 4xCCS Chargers and everytime one free. Nice new restaurant. But I do not want to prefere all innogy chargers!

So: Next to "Prefere .... chargers" a "prefere this charger". This should tell the algo the same as operator preference, but only for one particular charger. 

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8 hours ago, logic said:

What would be the difference to "Add this charger as waypoint"?

That I have to do this manually with every plan AND i have to remember or need an additional list of prefered chargers.

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A good suggestion, we'll add it to the to-do list!

One thing you could do to approximate this for now would be to set the charger as a long break.  It'll prefer the charger (and save that setting), but of course will charge you to 100%, so won't be optimal.

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