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Old Data on Plugsurfing prevents better routes

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Description: There are several charging stations with old data from Plugsurfing. These Stations are have a mutch higher charging speed in reality than they have in the data sets from Plugsurfing. Witch has as an result that the routes form ABRP are longer than necessary.
As an example i've added screenshots from the charging station at the service station Inntal West near Kiefersfelden whitch has a second charging stall with 150 kW and the charging station at the service station Fürholzen West near Neufahrn near Freising which has 2x 225 kW and 2x 150 kW charging stalls.

Screenshot_2020-08-08 Stromtankstellen Verzeichnis GoingElectric de Führholzen.png

Screenshot_2020-08-08 A Better Routeplanner Fürholzen.png

Screenshot_2020-08-08 A Better Routeplanner Kiefersfelden.png

Screenshot_2020-08-08 Stromtankstellen Verzeichnis GoingElectric de Kefersfelden.png

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Und wie könnte Deiner Meinung nach ABRP die Sache hier verbessern?

Ist das nicht eher ein Verbesserungswunsch für Plugsurfing selbst?

Oder wolltest Du andere nur auf die Tatsache der unkorrekten Plugsurfing Daten aufmerksam machen, dann ist dies hier aber das falsche Unterforum.

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Hey TomTomZoe,


I'm not quiet shure why ABRP is using the Plugsurfing Database not thees from Goingelectric or Plugshare. Espacally if ABRP is using sometimes the Goingelectric Database.

And yes you're right it would be nice if Plugsurfing had correct Data, but I'm not a Plugsufing customer and I'm not going to become one only to be able to report wrong chargingstations.

Even if i will not spend days to report the right Data from Eoingelectric to the Plugsurfing costumer service and commit coppyrigt infringement on the way.

I'll hope ABRP finds a solution I'm not even sure if changing Databases is the right move and what a change of Databases has as an coniquences.
But i try to help the great tool ABRP to become a even better one buy pointing out any erros.

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