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multi day trip help locate destination chargers hotels

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planning a multi day cross country trip for 2 weeks, need to locate destination chargers hotels at every stop. Planning on charging 100% every night and doing sightseeing while driving 4-7 hours per day. it is very hard to have a single map with the complete route. I also want to locate sights I shouldn’t miss, something like mashing a travel site with yelp like Tesla owner recommendations and ability to plan with hotels and airplane mileage rewards 

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I also find it difficult to break up the days. I want to stop somewhere with free overnight charging and this is manually intensive in the current incarnation. If I could just specify the range of hours driving per day I wanna do and then have the app break it up roughly so I get some vague idea of how long the trip might take it would be a nice first pass that I can then finesse when or if I need to.

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Hi @israndy,

To tell which places offer free charging is something we're not at all very good at at the moment. It very much belongs to the lack of updated and accurate pricing data which is something we're working on improving by finding better and more complete data sources For now, some chargers might have information that charging is free as we for instance include the comment field from open charge map (for chargers fetched from OCM) but there's no filter for finding them and we have no way of really verifying that the information still is accurate.

Regarding the ability to break up the trip, much has happened since OP posted this thread in 2019. Since last year we offer the ability to search for different amenities, such as hotels, restaurants etc. in proximity to chargers. You can either add an amenity stop around an added waypoint or you can add an amenity stop directly in the plan. With the latter alternative you can specify when you'd like to stop (either after X hours or at Y time) as well as for how long you'll stay there.

Perhaps not exactly the same as specifying the max allowed driving hours per day, globally. Would you say this helps your use case or do you perhaps request more visual improvements as well for planning road trips with overnight stops?


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