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Charge stop assumed taken on drive-by

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Description: When ignoring or missing a charge stop ABRP assumes the stop was taken and sets the SOC to the planned percentage, rather than recalculating the route.
Example of charge stop exit I missed.
Type:  App 4.0.16
Suggestion ( non-live versions):
- Manual: add charge confirmation on start and/or stop. At stop this would also allow confirmation of departure SOC.
- Automatic: detect GPS speed for x duration


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@BarryH thank you for the response. 

Of course I updated the SOC back manually, but I recall I had to replan to destination from current location, setting current SOC and I shouldn't be doing that while driving. Of course I could pull over on the hard shoulder,  but it is not legal to use your phone their neither..

Savest and legal option is for ABRP not to assume you have charged and set the SOC to plan after charging. Rather keep the SOC as is before charging and recalculate for an alternative charger automatically.

Still I think a resume trip with SOC confirmation could be a good improvement for those that do not have a live connection. Updating manually works, but is for me really a replan and frankly annoying. I also recall that that really only works if you are charging on a preplanned milestone. If your stop is not in the trip plan, there is no setting to set your "charge till xx%", just before you take off.

Or am I missing something where you can correct your current SOC while on route?

Thanks again for the response.

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@anbo: I have live data so I'm not fully sure how it currently functions.

It used to be that if you do not have live data you would see a battery icon with a % on the screen, in a corner. that % was calculated based on the routeplan.

By tapping on the left side you could amend the SoC to a lower % and by tapping on the right side to a higher % . Which then automatically results in a replan.


Is it possible for you to set up a live data feed? This is an large improvement to the userfriendlyness



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