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Description: No live data from EVNotify.
Type: app (iOS 4.0.15) AND web
Car: Hyundai Ionic 28kWh
I have an existing account on ABRP and a new account on EVNotify. Both are linked, as confirmed in the settings within the EVNotify app. Location sharing and background mode is switched on in the EVNotify app (Android phone which stays in the car).
I'm receiving live data on the EVNotify app on my iPhone as well as in the web.evnotify.de interface.
ABRP doesn't show the option to use live data. Not in the app and not in the web interface. Deleted and recreated my car several times, but no positive result. 





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Fixed it by creating a new account/akey in EVNotify. 

And signed up for the Premium membership as well. Good apps can’t be all free, right? ;) Just hope the Apple Carplay integration can be done really soon ?

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