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Hello from France

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I live in France (west of Paris) and I started driving EV with a Hyundai Ioniq 28 kWh. Then, I had the opportutiny to get a Tesla Model 3 LR AWD.

So far, my "longests" trips in EVs are

  • 470 Km from home to Vendée (French west seaside) / Ioniq 28/  summer.
  • 800 Km from Biarritz to home (autumn) with 2 charge stops (Tesla)


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Hi Manu,

I have the intention to come over from Belgium at the Dutch border to France this year for holliday in the Landes with my ( shinning new ) Polestar.

We are hosted in Lits et mix.  Can you chair me some information about high power DC charger in the vicinity of my destination? ( the aim is to recharge up to nearly 100% for my trip back at home.


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