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Next Charger Alternatives

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New feature - next charger alternatives

We just released a new (beta) feature which allows you to see what your next charger alternatives are while driving. ABRP plans are most focused on getting you to your destination as fast as possible, but there are of course other factors which matter in the real world. Pressing "Next Charger Alts" on top of the plan list will give you a pop-up dialog with your top-5 charger alternatives from where you are right now, including how much longer it would take to go for that charger compared to the (time-wise) optimal one.

Let us know what you think!


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This is awesome! One bit of feedback though - similar to Armin I am struggling to see the map/charger when there is a long route open. I think it would be nice if this 'Next charger' button was on the quick menu (ie the plus button on the bottom RH corner). This would mean it can be easily accessed without having another popup open.

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Great function. Would like to have it also for the other planned charging stops. Not only for the first one. It helps better to prepare the route. Additional driving distance for the other option as well as different pricing.

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