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Time zone bug

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I am in the UK.  When I plan a route from somewhere in France to elsewhere in France and enter a start time, that time is shifted by an hour.
For example: Journey starting in Calais, going to St Omer.  Start time set as 0930.  Plan is generated with start time of 1030.  It is as though ABRP is interpreting the start time as my current local time, which it should not be.  Times should (as they are in, eg, airline timetables) be local to the place of departure not the place where the user is currently sitting.
I am sure I haven't seen this erroneous behaviour before.
In this case I'm using "classic" because I cannot get the new app to work (reported separately).  Using a Mac.  Same thing happens on iPad using browser.

Screenshot 2020-07-19 at 12.28.42.png

Screenshot 2020-07-19 at 12.28.55.png

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This is a persistent error.  Today I planned a route from the UK to Germany, and set a departure time for a stopover in calais to 09:30.  When the map was displayed, the app had changed that time to 10:30.

Can this bug be investigated please?

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My plans are in the right time zones, but when I go back and look at My Drives, these are offset by about 8 hours.  Seems that when ABRP saves drives it doesn't take account of GMT off set.  Is this something that can be tweaked?

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