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wired routing as charger speed is wrong

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if you plan a route from Aachen to München and prefer EnBW and Tesla you can use e.g. Wonnegau West and Bruchsal West which is CCS 150 since 1year now. In ABRP web the charger are still CCS50, in ABRP iOS speed is unknown. As a result you get 7 charges where only 1-2 are needed. 
It looks like the charger dates are outdated not using sources like goingelectric.de.
10 out of 10 plans are worse than just using Tesla navigation. That was completely different last year.
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Could you post a link to the chargers (click on the charger, click share) so I can take a look? We're aware of an issue with out-of-date information coming from Plugsurfing, and we're looking into a solution, although if those are from a different source I'd like to investigate there too.

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I think you have a bigger problem with ENBW. Just the two ENBW chargers in my vicinity are marked as 50kw but they are 150kw. Probably other ENBW chargers too. I pay 38c/kwh on enbw and 53c/kwh on Ionity. When I plan a route with only enbw (preferred) and Ionity it will only show Ionity stations because they are "faster" (but they aren't).

https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?charger_id=3740879 and https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?charger_id=4424781


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@moritzoes Ah, yeah, we have a known issue with Plugsurfing, a lot of their EMSP data from many providers is incorrect, and we're pressing on them to fix it.  If they don't fix it, we'll look into corrections we can apply on our side, but we'd rather correct the source information.

While we work on it, you can submit issues to Plugsurfing for ENBW to point them to the problem areas, perhaps that would help?

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