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State of Charge & Location Button

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On a route plan, live data and my location buttons are showing in the top right hand corner. See screenshot.

Upon selecting navigate, both the live data and my location buttons disappear. Is this expected behaviour? it seems a bit counterintuitive.

Can they be retained?


ABRP 4.0.13 on Samsung Galaxy A50 with Android 10 (1 July 2020 patch), EVNotify for Live Data from Renault Zoe



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24 minutes ago, BarryH said:

once live plan started the actual battery SoC is visble in the burn down graph and you location is a red arrow on the map

That requires using the graph. In the table mode you have no such SoC visible. Regarding location, moving the map away from your current location it will recenter but that takes time. Whereas on the trip plan pressing that location snaps quickly to the current location.

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