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Conditional speed limits or override speed limit per segment/road?

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Description:  Use conditional speed limits during planning.

Use Case: Currently ABRP does not seem to use the conditional speed limites as configured in OSM. Over here in the Netherlands our highways have different speed limits depending on the time. In general;

From 6AM till 7PM >> 100 km/h and from 7PM until 6PM 120 km/h (some roads 130km/h). This has been configured in OSM with a conditional setting. 

When I plan a trip in ABRP it uses the default speed limit which is 100 km/h for the majority of the roads as far as I can see. Even when I plan a trip after 7PM, or configure to depart at 8PM. This ofcourse has a pretty big impact on the average consumption. So, would it be possible to use these conditional speed limits? Or override the speed limit that ABRP uses on a certain segment?

Example; trip from Amsterdam to Enschede. It will drive down the A1 which is configured in OSM correctly but ABRP always comes back with 100km/h.


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Same issue in Germany with variable limits on the motorway. In many cases, those will show "130 km/h" or "unlimited".  However, I believe that ABRP uses 110 km/h for those stretches.   I typically drive 130 km/h (when allowed), which is also my speed setting, so this almost caught me out once as it suggested a significantly longer stretch than advisable at 130 km/h (not a lot of buffer in my Ioniq 28 kWh).

I would suggest you switch those stretches to "unlimited" internally. Better to show a slightly too low travel time or send someone to a charger too early than suggesting legs that are not possible.

In any case, when live traffic is used, if a limit is in place, this should automatically calculate everything correctly even if you treat it as unlimited internally.

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Hi, I am also interested in this topic. I see the dutch dynamic speed limit is still override by 100 km/h between 19:00 and 6:00. Is there some news on this or and when this is implemented in the abrp application? Thanks, Peter Duijst!

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