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Unnecessary charge is used

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Description: I tried to use every supercharger from where i think battery could be in its optimal range for fast charging with low " Time to Open Charge Port " setting. Destination is set near a supercharger as this is part of a longer trip. Goal arrival charge is set higher because the charger near the destination of the plan should be used to charge and that charge time is relevant to my test (If a Charger is set as destiantion the planner wont arrive at this charger with " Charger Arrival Charge " and charge to " Goal Arrival Charge " there).
Replication Steps:
  1. Plan linked plan
  2. See route is planned to go back from Geiselwind to Hilpoltstein (or Satteldorf or Ellwangen if not unallowed) for unknown reasons
  3. Scratch head
Obviously it should go from Geiselwind to Dettelbach but my best guess is it does not want to get there with more than X% battery and at Geiselwind it does not want to not charge to at least Y% (maybe 45%); so it has to waste energy by going on a detour.
PS.: Im sorely missing releasenotes since 3.6. Checking the blog every day! The patch you deployed today has seemingly messed up several things (i got a popup to reload to "install" the update). I am a bit surprised noone has reported these problems yet and they didnt get hotfixed as together with the other bug about not being able to remove charger waypoints it is suddenly very hard to use ABRP today. Please dont take this the wrong way as i and i am sure many others really enjoy using ABRP to plan real and fictitious trips. As a developer myself and self-proclaimed poweruser i would also like to help if/whereever you see fit.
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Sorry about the missing release notes for 3.6!  That's on us for sure, it's been a big flurry of activity in the little time we have available, and we wanted to get the update out quickly as it showed pretty substantial planning time gains over the previous version.  These may be side effects of some of those updates, and we're investigating!

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