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Clear indicator live data down

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Description:  If live data dataflows stops - clearly indicate this in the screen (b.v. by showing the battery icon)

Use Case: Today EVnotify stopped running while using ABRP. As soon as this is the case for 1 minute (of no updated live data received in ABRP_) start showing the battery icon with the up/down edit buttons. And stop showing the green line in the consumption chart. 

The green line in the consumption chart is only visible is live data is less then 1 minute old or last manual update of battery status is less then 15 minutes old

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Due to my specific setup (Torque Pro running on Android WiFi only Tablet which is tethered from iPhone, ABRP running on iPad) I also like to have an easy to identify indicator on ABRP screen when live data is missing more than 10 seconds.?

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