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Sticking to one country

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My saved plan seems to have changed and now dips into the US. I need it to stay in Canada because our borders are closed to non-essential travel. How can I get the plan back to Canada only please? 


Thanks in advance,


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I'm not really understanding how my saved route has changed to now go into the US and added 9 hours. It was ready to go for Saturday and now is gone. The only way I can keep it in the country is to set a network preference for Petro Canada chargers but that doesn't then seem to allow me to add a waypoint with a different brand of charger and then the route show as not possible route.


Any suggestions greatly appreciated and I am looking for a reason to bail on the trip lol... 

Edmonton to Toronto    3600kms each way.

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This has been an oft-requested feature, unfortunately we've found it's not particularly easy for us to show our routing engine where the borders are.  Definitely something we're keeping in mind as we develop, but as of now there isn't really a good way to force it aside from selecting a waypoint on an alternate route where you'd like to go.

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