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ABRP doesn't work at all in Model 3 browser

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Hello ABRP

I tested ABRP in the vehicle browser yesterday for the first time on a 200km trip.

First calculation at the beginning worked well. Tesla account access is green, live data showed up, ABRP login is also green.

At all following looks into the browser (it is minimized in between to see the car navigation), ABRP is not working well. If it "wakes" up after opening the browser again, it does not have the current SoC. It's sometimes 5-10% behind. Sometimes it changes SoC after opening but still to an older SoC. GPS position is also not updated after opening. At the end the page does not even react to input, which is maybe more a problem of the tesla browser. 

Also a reload of the complete page doesn't help.

So making long story short. Unusable.

Do I have to use my smartphone instead?



PS.: Did you get data from me yesterday?

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If you saw live data in the car on ABRP (or on your phone, or computer), then we got data from you!

At the moment, ABRP doesn't work very well when put into the background.  Something we'll have to work on, certainly! Especially with new features like Navigate on Autopilot where you definitely want to have ABRP working well with the Tesla Nav.

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I cannot get the new chromium browser to respond to ABRP at all in my Model 3.


Also, for some reason when I enter my Tesla account info into ABRP on my computer or phone, it says I have a LR RWD car as opposed to the LR AWD car I actually own...

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