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What phone spec is required to run ABRP and EV Notify toegether?


Currently using a Moto G5 running Android 8.1.0 to collect car data from an OBD dongle via EV Notify, send it up to the cloud, and then use the ABRP app.  Frequently crashing so I wonder if the phone isn’t up to it?  If I use the Android to only collect the data, ABRP works fine on my iPhone and doesn’t crash which is why I think I might be over taxing my old Android?

if the phone is the weak link, which specs phone would you recommend bearing in mind this phone is not my main phone. It will only be used for this so don’t want to spend too much. 

if you think the phone specs are ok On my Moto G5, I’ll try a re-install of Android (I assume you. Am do that like iOS?). 

thanks in advance. 

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I have a sharp-aquos-c10-64gb which works well. ( bought it 1 yr ago for eur 120,-)

(note: did you activate "background mode" in EVNOTIFY?)



Opslagcapaciteit Tooltip
64 GB
Extern geheugenslot Tooltip
Maximale geheugenkaartcapaciteit
128 GB


Aantal megapixels Tooltip
12 megapixels
Aantal megapixels frontcamera
8 megapixels


Octa core (8)
Werkgeheugen (RAM)


Batterij capaciteit Tooltip
2700 mAh
Draadloos opladen
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Posted (edited)

Thanks. Yep, EV Notify is background enabled. It will also ‘feed’ ABRP running on a separate iPhone with no problem and no crashing. 

it’s when I also ask it to run ABRP as well that I get issues on my Android  

The RAM and processor on your phone are better than mine so this might be where it’s struggling.  


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I leave an old Android phone in my car permanently to do the EVNotify uploading. This way I also get information while charging (when I take my normal phone with me).

On short trips where I don't need ABRP, my normal phone then display EVNotify; on long trips ABRP.

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