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Live Data Setup

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Hi, I am a beginner, I dont find "View Live Data > Setup" in the parameters where can I find ? If you have pic to show me ... thank you very much) Because I want to connect a OBD dongle with torque ...

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22 minutes ago, Jason (ABRP) said:

Ah, where did you find that reference? We've since updated our UI and it's now under Car model > Add my car.  I will update that path if you tell me where it's out of date.

thant you for the response, I see here in googgle search

Please can you tell me the tutoriel after buying the OBD dongle what I must do to connect with ABRP ?

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Fixed! In french you're looking for the option: "Ajouter ma voiture" under "Sélectionnez le modèle", and then there will be setup instructions for the various options to connect your car.  You can see a summary of the options here:


Unfortunately, we haven't translated those yet, so they're all in english.   

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