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No use of Type2 Chargers :(

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ABRP doesn't seem to want to use any Level 2 chargers 1f641.png:(
I set: Tesla Model 3 LR, I select all types of fast chargers (Tesla, Tesla CCS, CCS, Level 2, not Chademo).
I set this trip: from Olbia to Cagliari (Sardinia).
ABRP suggests me a stop at the CCS in Oristano (the only one "fast" in Sardinia), but I think it doesn't work and I force to avoid it.
Without this CCS charger, ABRP seems NOT to want to use any other "slow" charger.
And this behavior seems the same in all other Region...
How can I do to use charging Type 2 (Mennekes)?

Type: App and webpage 
Link to Plan: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=b3a1a3b0-50a3-4169-9aea-d99c439ed1c4
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I noticed this exact same issue as of a week or two ago. Now the planner will completely ignore Level 2 chargers and will just spit out a message saying that no route was found. I've noticed this with my Model 3 Performance when trying to plan trips through areas that there are no superchargers in Mexico and some parts of the US. 

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