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Can you help a newbie get live data into ABRP?

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im looking to get live data from my Ioniq 28 into ABRP. I used to have a Leaf 30 and Leafspy was great. 

any help setting up my Ioniq is appreciated?

EV Notify or Torque Pro better?

i have Android and iOS, which plays better with ABRP?

any set up instructions are most welcome. 

thanks in advance 

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Evnotify is the easiest solution.

On iOS you can only run Evnotify in the foreground, in background mode it stops importing the OBD2 data.

I use an android phone for Evnotify + ABRP app and use my iPhone (which I use as my smartphone) as a hotspot.

You could also use the android phone to run evnotify and run ABRP on the iPhone

The live data from evnotify will be sent to the webservice of evnotify. Is then transferred to  the ABRP webservice and accessible from the app.

instructions to link evnotify to abrp you can find under my car - settings





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