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Direct Link to Bluetooth OBD Dongles for Data

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Now that ABRP finally has an Android app, can you please add support for directly receiving data from Bluetooth OBD dongles? It is very cumbersome and inefficient to link another app like Torque, upload it to a server, then download it back again. Also, when in areas with poor or no LTE coverage, the system doesn't work.

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Not public, but we do have a very full backlog of issues and cards to tackle.  Perhaps one of us should spend some effort on a blog post detailing what we see on the nearby horizon.  The short version is we have two three main focuses:

  1. Improving the App UI and fixing bugs
  2. Improving the Live Data driving experience / supporting more cars
  3. Adding new features to the App

#1 isn't very sexy, but it really needs to be done.  2 as well, we really think Live Data driving mode really makes the EV road trip experience complete. For 3, we don't really want to spill too many beans before they're ready, but you already know of one now.

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