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Ou Boet

Hello from Vancouver, BC

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Where are you from?    Langley (near Vancouver) British Columbia, Canada

What car do you drive?    2018 IONIQ Electric SE (with CCP)  (Since 16 Feb 2018)

What's the longest trip you've taken in your EV?    Just under 300 km

Absolutely love my IONIQ.  It drives like a dream and is exactly what I was looking for (and need) at the moment.  Still can't believe that in my first year I drove 35,000 km and it only cost me $650 "fuel" and service.

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The Ioniq is a great car! I strongly considered it in the running for my car, but couldn't reliably get one down here in Texas.

Still blows my mind that a state like Texas actually provides a 2500$ rebate for Electric cars (even if they do still exclude Teslas).  Texas is actually well-positioned for renewables if we want it.  A ton of possible wind power in West Texas (and a ton of actual wind power), and we're a very sunny state.  I figure with prices trending the way they are very soon we'll swap over because if there's one thing Texas understands, it's money.

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