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Problems when beeing logged in On the app (Android). Allthoug it seems like I’m logged in, the advanced features only opens up on the webpage. When opening Road Conditions on the app and trying to open Realtime weather you get prompted to buy Premium allthoug you are in fact logged in as Premium. 
Android app ver 4.0.10 
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Happens to me on iOS as well. Signed up for premium using my Google account. Can't log into the app. When I try, clicking "login with Google" just takes me to the web version. When I go back to the app it still isn't logged in. If I try to click the app icon from the web versions, it doesn't launch the app, but it does get very glitchy at that point in the browser. Dossapointed I can't use the app with premium. Maybe if I don't use my Google account and create a unique ABRP account? 

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At some point in the recent past we broke the handling of ABRP Links, and this will be fixed in the next Android App release (checking iOS, since the issue there was a little more complicated).  In the meantime you can create a new ABRP account with your Google Email address, it'll link correctly, and in the future when we get it fixed you'll be able to log in with Google.

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