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Charger vanished in ABRP


Dear ABRP Team, dear users,

yesterday I was planning a new Route in ABRP which I wanted to drive next week. While planning I realized that one charge location, which I already used many times, was not used for the planning. I checked if I deactivated it by accident or something, but it just seems to have disappeared from ABRP. Today I checked again and it is still not there. In the GoingElectric database it still exists and there is also no error message in their system.

Can anybody explain why the charge station disappeared in ABRP? I am sure that two weeks ago it was planned by ABRP for me and I used it on my last trip.

Here is a GE Link to the station:


The Tesla Supercharger at the same stop nearby seems to have also vanished from ABRP.

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,


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Take a look at https://map.openchargemap.io/ and see if the charger shows up there.  If not, it likely got removed from their database, and you can report it there.  If it does, take a look at Jason's blog post below for a few other links to data sources where you can report the issue.  Once those sources are updated, ABRP should update accordingly.  If it shows up in all those places and still isn't in ABRP, then post back here and somebody will definitely have to look into it.

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