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Reference Speed for road types

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Description:  Add option to set reference speed baseline for different road types: highway/a-roads vs. city/b-roads

Use Case: Current setting works well on wel balanced mixed routes, but with unbalanced routes the calculation is off. At highway and a-roads it is generally easy to keep the legal speed, increasing consumption. Whereas in B-roads and city roads the obstructions, the road conditions and other road users generally significantly drop the average speed before the reference, lowering consumption.

Since ABRP would be used for route planning the mix of route types may not be as balanced as is currently assumed,  e.g a long motorway trip to a far away destination vs. a day trip on a curvy road trough the mountains, hence having the need to adjust the settings depending on the type of mix that is foreseen.

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@ANBO ABRP currently relies on speed data from several different places, which varies from road to road.  Some places have better coverage then others, where the road quality data a reasonable speeds are more accurately recorded.  Some discussion of the issue can be seen here: 

It's specific to the US, but the questions that come up are universal, and it's tough to balance how to answer those questions across so many different localities.  One thing that may help is providing live vehicle data from your vehicle if you're not, as that will allow ABRP to calibrate directions to your car's specific consumption curve.  It will make the estimated consumption much more accurate, because it will take into account the actual power your car is using in the conditions you normally drive in.

I'll definitely pass your idea on to the dev team for consideration. 

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Since that post we've incorporated a better baseline speed model, and it's been much more accurate.  However, longer term we're considering a way to do what you're suggesting automatically, learning from your driving habits when you drive with ABRP to better predict how fast you'll drive on a given road.

Of course, that is dependent on us finding the time to implement such a feature, so look out for that in the future.

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