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Full Screen mode hidden address line

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Description: in full screen mode the address line falls off the top of the screen
Type: App Version 4.0.10; android galaxy S10
Link to Plan: No  
Replication Steps:
  1. Start a new plan
  2. Select way point to enter
  3. Menu opens to enter address of way point
  4. Top of the form is pushed off the screen
  5. Select return to hide the keyboard
  6. Select the address bar to show the keyboard
  7. Screen formats correctly now


Repeat Steps 1-3 with full screen mode turned off and the formatting of the screen is correct first time. 
Result step 4:
Result step 7:
Result without full screen mode:


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This one only happens when the notification bar goes opaque (which causes problems with app sizing), which is due to a bug that we think we have squashed finally in the next version.  Let us know if it's still happening next time after the next update.

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