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Leaf/Leaf Spy Temperature

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When data is sent with Leaf Spy to abetterrouteplanner it is sent in celsius and the Tunits field says it is celsius. However, the backend of ABRP takes this as fahrenheit, calculates it back to celsius for the web page. That means eg. 8°C send is shown as -13°C in the live data view. If I configure Leaf Spy to send fahrenheit all looks fine.


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At this moment it looks like there (stil/again) is a related bug:

When I configure my leafspy to work in Celcius, the value of the outside temperature is the fahrenheit value:

At this moment the outdoor temperature is about 12 degr Celcius, but ABRP states the outside temp is 55 degr Celcius.

Battery temperature is given correct. (I cannot find the outdoortemperature in the leafspy app, so I am not able to check wether it is a leafspy issue or a abrp issue) 

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