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Suggestions - include toll costs and border crossing times

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Couple of suggestions:
I've gone back to using the classic interface because it shows estimated charging costs.
Planning a trip from Nashua, NH to Kalamazoo, MI, shows the fastest route is via Canada.  However, the trip time doesn't count the border crossings.  These usually take 15-30+ minutes (min) each crossing.  Estimate 20 mins (or make it user selectable).
Also, due to this awesome site, I discovered that the charging costs in New York are about 2x higher than other states.  So if I skip the border and go south along Lake Erie,  The site shows the cost as a bit higher than if I force the routing to go through Pennsylvania.  However the actual cost is MUCH higher.  The charging is $53 .vs. $42 but the New York route is mainly on the NY Thurway which is another $15+.  So the cost should say $68 .vs. $42.  Maybe add a cheaper charging option?  Also add tolls costs to total option?
I am also impressed that the route planner could handle the Nashua, NH to Mt. Washington (including going up the autoroad) trip.  Very, very nice.
A spell checker on post previews would be nice.
Thank you for everything.

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@Puma Thanks for the suggestions, I'll add them to the list of future development proposals!

Briefly playing around with this, you could probably add an intermediate stop in Ohio somewhere to force the route planner around Lake Erie.  Interestingly, I noticed that Google Maps also suggests the fastest route is through Canada. 

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