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Trip summary Table no longer shows total charge cost

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Description: On website UI, the table chart no longer shows the total chrage cost in bottom row.. shows total charge duration, miles driven and drive duration
Type: website, 4.0.10
Replication Steps:
  1. Plan any multi-charge trip
  2. Click "Table" in left UI pane
  3. Nice table, but no summary.
I did discover in the app and website, you can click on the summary header on left top nav pane (total miles and charge time) which shows hidden sub-menu/pane w/ WH/mi and mi/KWH and total cost... that is hidden..
Edited by ColinG
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This feature used to be available in the older version of the site, so would be nice to have this available again in the table. Which by the way, I still find the table view much easier and clearer to read than the step by step view. Thanks.

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