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what does ABRP assume for power usage for HVAC?

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I've been using ABRP a lot lately for trip planning around my region, and one thing I have always wondered is how ABRP accounts for changes in temperature.  Does it use a theoretical equation to account for denser air at lower temperatures only?  Does it make an assumption on heater use?  Can you see HVAC power use from the API?  Or is it from empirical data?

Also, I've been driving a lot with a roof rack and ski box over the winter, which significantly skewed my consumption (see my consumption test -> http://kootenayevfamily.ca/model-3-roof-rack-consumption-test/) - I have used my testing to inform the base reference consumption I put in ABRP.  I'm wondering though if I'm now skewing the data backwards to your site!  Also, what about which wheels are on the car?  How do you split that out in the empirical data so you know how to tweak things in ABRP?  (for example, my VIN probably shows with the option codes that I have 18" aero wheels... well that's only true for my winter wheels, for my all seasons which I just put on, I have Replika R187 'turbine' wheels...

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I would really like an answer to this.  My Model 3 Dual motor AWD uses quite a lot more power in the winter than ABRP projects, even though I put in more weight, lower temps and heavier rain than reality, keep speeds to the amount I project, etc.  Is HVAC the difference?  If so what should I put in for that?

I will be taking a multi-supercharge trip this weekend and will take more data.

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