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The software insists on going out of the way instead of going through Joshua Tree National Park. This is a simple plan that $50 software can't execute properly.  How can I rely on it to plan complex routes? 
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Thanks for reporting the error, that'll help us find and fix the bug.  Loading up your plan this is what I see:


Which makes sense to me, the proposed alternate route goes through Joshua Tree, but since park speed limits are lower it'll take a lot longer to drive that route.  A Better Routeplanner is time-optimized, so we always try to return the fastest plan with a few alternatives.

If you'd like to drive through Joshua tree, I recommend adding a waypoint somewhere in Joshua tree directly, either by searching for something like a Visitor center, or right clicking on the map and selecting "Add Waypoint" where you'd like to go.

Let me know if I misunderstood the issue and I'll definitely take another look!



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