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Out of the Way Routing

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Description: Planning a trip from Tremonton, UT Supercharger to Salt Lake City, UT Supercharger as part of a coast to coast trip. It is well within the range of a Tesla Model Y, but the planner plots a route through the Evanston, WY Supercharger!
Type: Both app (4.0.9) and web using a Windows 10 machine.
Replication Steps:
  1. Enter Tremonton, UT Supercharger as starting point.
  2. Enter Salt Lake City, UT Supercharger as destination.
  3. Plan route.
Remember, the more detail you can provide in your bug report, the faster we can fix it!
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Just a bit more data. Google Maps shows the same journey from Supercharger to Supercharger at 77.5 miles and 1 hour 10 minutes going down Interstate 15. ABRP plots a journey of 191 miles and 3 hours 9 minutes, with an unnecessary charging session in another state, neither saving time or distance.

Correct Maps Route.png

Poor ABRP Route.png

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That is extremely weird, can't say I've seen the planner do something like that.  The weird part is that selecting waypoints right on the superchargers doesn't exhibit the same behavior.  Will definitely spend some time on this little bug.

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Thank you! I was going crazy and started to think it was me. Be very happy to get this one straightened out to continue planning my cross-country trip from Portland Oregon to Georgia. The only other thing I'm waiting for is the model Y ?

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Sorry Jason, no improvement at this end using my Windows 10 machine and the web. I also discovered a couple other ways it fails; variations on the same theme.

ABRP PDX - SLT - 1 Route


This route ignores the Supercharger at Tremonton, UT and fails to get to Salt Lake City Supercharger. Manually adding Tremonton as a waypoint, letting the planner fill in charging numbers, results in another "Out of the Way" out of state odyssey (see ABRP PDX - SLT - 2 Route bug).


ABRP PDX - SLT - 2 Route


This is the result after Tremonton is a designated waypoint. I goes right by the Salt Lake City Supercharger to Nevada for a charge, just to come back to Salt Lake City!? Pure speculation on my part, but could there be a corruption in the entries for Superchargers in the region? Especially Tremonton, UT and Salt Lake City, UT. If I just enter my Portland, OR address and my sister South of Atlanta, GA, I get a viable plan, except in this area with these Superchargers.

I really hope you can figure this out! I used ABRP to run the same Portland-Salt Lake City-Denver-Atlanta route in my Chevy Bolt last July (THAT was an adventure!) with no problems. I'm really hoping to do the same with the Tesla Model Y, when I get it.

Thanks for your help!  Bob

ABRP PDX - SLT - 1.png

ABRP PDX - SLT - 2.png

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Jason, an update since the previous post. I now am seeing the fix you made to the planner (good job!) . . . but I got there in a way that surfaced another bug ;-(  The Tremonton, UT Supercharger to Salt Lake City Supercharger started working AFTER I unblocked the Evanston, WY Supercharger. I had set the "avoid" this charger when I encountered the original bug that took me though that location instead of straight to the Salt Lake City Supercharger (with an extra charge and 100+ miles!).

So, whatever fix you performed needs to take into account adjacent Superchargers that have been marked "avoid."

Best regards,  Bob

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You can thank @Bo (ABRP) for fixing it! 

On the new bug, I'm not sure I understand.  The avoid settings can be a little confusing since you can store them per-plan, so if you make a plan with an "avoid this charger", then enable it for a new plan, then reload an old saved plan it'll re-apply the "avoid this charger" setting.

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