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Wrong Ext. Temp reading for Soul EV 30kwh from torque

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Description: live data with torque is working fine. Seems the Ext. Temp is way too high.

Type: latest App/Web pid's 

Replication Steps:

Set up live Data with latest pid-files from App

sync is working fine, except Ext. Temp is too high, seems to be temperature from Motor etc.

i tried to change pid !_ABRP_Temperature in torque to val{000_Battery Inlet Temperature} witch is more plausible temperature but no sucsucces


Thank you

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Yeah, changing that will change the PID name, could you go in the Torque settings and tell me what the new !_ABRP_Temperature PID name is? Go to Settings > Data Logging & Upload > Select What to Log, then you should have a PID name for each parameter, it'll probably be something like `ed22ae`.  Once I have that I can add support for your PID and update the setup instructions to use the new PID.

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Perhaps pid from Sensor "Ambient Temperature" or "outside Temp" is the better Sensor. I searched for the right Pid without success. There is no sensor reading in torque from the outside Temp even with the extra pids from abrp.

I tried pid 2180 from Ionic without succes.

I will delete the Temp reading from logging until i will find the right Sensor-pid.


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