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[New Car] Skoda Enyaq

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  • Enyaq iV 50: 55kWh gross, 52kWh net, 109kW, 340km WLTP, RWD
  • Enyaq iV 60: 62kWh gross, 58kWh net, 132kW, 390km WLTP, RWD
  • Enyaq iV 80: 82kWh gross, 77kWh net, 150kW, 500km WLTP, RWD
  • Enyaq iV 80X: 82kWh gross, 77kWh net, 195kW, 460km WLTP, AWD
  • Enyaq iV vRS: 82kWh gross, 77kWh net, 225kW, 460km WLTP, AWD

All: 11kW AC 3-phase (EU) + 125 kW DC CCS, 40 minutes 10%..80%

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On 9/15/2020 at 11:39 AM, Katya-ABRP said:

Hi @edgarw, @P-E, @FloImSchnee!

We're happy to announce we've added the ŠKODA Enyaq today!

(Along with the BMW iX3 and several models of the Energica motorcycles) ?


Sorry to dig up an old post, but what does it mean when it has been 'added'? What features/optimisations do you get when selecting a specific car? Do we get specific charging curves for example? We have an Enyaq inbound (~mid-November) and will of course be using ABRP with it! 

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Hi @Xtopher,

No worries ?

'Added' means we've created a selectable vehicle model (consumption, charging speed, charging options) based on data available from the manufacturer and in the better cases also some real-world data.

In order to create a plan one must first select a vehicle model (like this one) and this can be done via the "quick-select" option. But, if you own / expect a certain vehicle we recommend creating an ABRP account and creating a saved vehicle by choosing the 'add my car' option instead. You'll then be able to save settings for this specific vehicle and, should you like also link it and use live data.

For the Skoda Enyaq currently the only available connection option is Tronity, but we're constantly looking for more and better options. You may view and compare all supported vehicles and connection options here: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/compare/livedata/


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Hi @Katya-ABRP

I'm a happy owner of an Enyaq 80X and use ABRP with an OBD2 adapter every time I drive. I just wondering how long it will keep saying Alpha on the car model in the app? We are like 18-19 month from the time when you added the car. Isn't it time to remove the Alpha tag? Or should we pass the beta test also? 😉

(Yes, I know, it is not the most important thing in the world...)


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Hi @Baeckman,

We've got a bit of an explanation for what the different labels mean in this blog post:

(yes the title is not really pointing to this subject)

As mentioned in the post it is dependent on how much real-world data we've got to re-evaluate the model and update the confidence label. While it's been a good while since we first introduced models, it's only been a couple months since we introduced the option to connect via OBD. Tronity has been an available option for longer, but unfortunately this connection has its limitations for the Enyaq and does therefore not provide us the same quality of data as the OBD connection. That said, our goal is of course to have labels removed on all vehicle models eventually.

At this point it really comes down to how many users drive their Skoda Enyaq while using ABRP connected via OBD, like yourself. This is how we'll have the real-world data necessary for updating the confidence label generated. Using a live data connection also means you'll get a calibrated consumption value but there can of course be other differences.

If there's any easily identifiable difference, such as charging curve etc. do let us know over at https://abrp.upvoty.com/ 


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