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[New Car] Skoda Enyaq

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  • Enyaq iV 50: 55kWh gross, 52kWh net, 109kW, 340km WLTP, RWD
  • Enyaq iV 60: 62kWh gross, 58kWh net, 132kW, 390km WLTP, RWD
  • Enyaq iV 80: 82kWh gross, 77kWh net, 150kW, 500km WLTP, RWD
  • Enyaq iV 80X: 82kWh gross, 77kWh net, 195kW, 460km WLTP, AWD
  • Enyaq iV vRS: 82kWh gross, 77kWh net, 225kW, 460km WLTP, AWD

All: 11kW AC 3-phase (EU) + 125 kW DC CCS, 40 minutes 10%..80%

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