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Description: when runningv ABRP on an Amazon Fire HD10 tablet, installed through Playstore i see the  ABRP splashscreen but then ABRP immediately exits.
Type: app installed on fire HD10 2019
now I know the Amazon tablets are not regular Android and that to load apps from the Playstore requires a bit of creativity but I was hoping my Fire HD10 would be a lovely large screen for ABRP. 
All is not lost as ABRP runs lovely on my S10+.
Is there anything that might get ABRP running on my tablet?
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I suspect it might be because we're relying on the Google Play Services on Android for maps and a few other things, you should check to see if it's in your apps list.  If not, you'll have to wait until we make non-Google maps available in the app to run on your tablet.

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FYI. I got this working.

Just trying to open the app I see the splash screena and then it closes immediately.

Hower, if before opening the app you go to app settings and permission and enable location and storage access . then when I run ABRP it runs on my FireHD 10 tablet.?

There might be a few interface quirks going on but it looks to be useable.

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