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Well, just an intro :)

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Hi all !

Julien, aka JaXX, half French, half German, groomed in the US, currently living in Burgundy (you know, red wine* and all ? ) been around quite a lot.

Can’t say I’ve had many EVs, but started with a Renault Twizy, upgraded to an early VW e-UP! (Damn that was zippy in and around Paris) and got my hands on a Kia e-Soul e-Design 64kWh (with the connected UVO on a 10.25 » display), purchased to travel down south more easily to see someone (well she dumped me two weeks after getting delivery, but heck, I’m keeping the car, lovin’ it)

Longest trip was Troyes to Toulouse via Lyon and Montpellier on A7, just about 1000km or so, with the freshly delivered car, by -5°, planned with ABRP of course... CorriDoor charge stations still ‘sorta’ worked at the time, and have been mostly shut down since. Most of the country is desolated since, some local energy syndicates have some highish-speed stations, so you gotta be careful.


Bu I do 600/700km stretches on a regular basis

Including one avoiding highways as mush as possible, and the Causses, Auvergne areas are breathtaking !


Got insider news that there will be a new rollout of stations by CorriDoor, bfut well, I can’t say more without taking risks, but smells good for once (and not burned like the station that went on fire next to their HQ and my apartment near Paris)

*Drink responsibly, Do not drive if drinking, or take the lockdown time to drink enough to not be tempted anymore afterwards ? 

Hugs all, take car and stay home !

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