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Ou Boet

Lost Connection with EVnotify

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Description: During a trip, ABRP repeatedly lost connection with EVnotify
Type: ABRP v 4.0.6 Android  (I updated to this latest version immediately before the trip)
Link to Plan:  N/A
Replication Steps:
  1. Start EVnotify and confirm that it's reading info from OBD II dongle and uploading to the web
  2. Start ABRP and plan a route.
  3. Start route and track progress.
  4. After a minute or two, the GPS location stops updating the the SoC % stops updating.
  5. Switch to EVnotify and switch back to ABRP.  ABRP now shows vehicle location correctly and SoC% is updated and correct.
  6. Continue to track route.
  7. Loop back to step 4.

I hope that this issue can be resolved quickly.  I really am enjoying the new app and layout.  But switching back and forth is a pain in the a*** and a distraction.


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@Ou Boet

The first step is to identify if the issue is in/around EVnotify or ABRP:

It looks like EVnotify stops running if it goes into the background.

Did you activate the "run in background" setting in EV notify (i think it is in the hidden menu?)

And if you use web.evnotify.de do you then see updated info or is also there the datatransfer stopped?



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I did a bit more testing last night on the way home from work.  It appears that that when EVNotify is not dispayed, it stops uploading after a short while.  This I concluded when I noticed that when I do display it, it displays outdated information for a split second before refreshing.  Not sure if that's conclusive though.  There are no holes in the data though after a switch back and forth, in EVNotify or ABRP, even if I leave ABRP displayed for a long period and it gets "lost", as soon as I do an EVNotify switch, it seems to have all the past data correct once it updates.  Very weird.

I will look for the "run in background" setting in EVNotify, I don't think I recall seeing that, so it's unlikely I've activated it.

Thanks for the tip.


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@Ou Boet

If you go to settings and you scroll down to the bottom you see a version number on the right side

If you tap multiple times on that version number (at least on an Android phone) you enter an advanced settings menu (you get a message flash: "Welcome to the Dark mode").

In this menu a setting "BACKGROUND_MODE" needs to be activated.

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Fwiw, I disabled "Location synchronisation" in EVNotify and told ABRP to "Overide car position".  That worked for the GPS tracker on ABRP.  But after about 10 mins, it still stopped updating SoC data from EVNotify.  Again the old switch back and forth fixed it - for a while.

Just accessed the dark side and enabled background mode as suggested above.  Will test on the way home.  Thanks for the help.  Btw, what is SEXY_DASHBOARD

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On 5/1/2020 at 5:19 PM, Ou Boet said:


I was really wondering that too.  I'd love to find some more details on the advanced menu features.  I scoured EVNotify's website, but couldn't find much in the way of help info!

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Sadly, I didn't notice any difference in the app from toggling SEXY_DASHBOARD, but I was literally sitting parked not going anywhere, so I'm waiting till I have an opportunity to drive somewhere to try it again

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