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App Crashed Error Due to DNS

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I am getting an error that "Oooops! ABRP crashed, but a report has been sent to the developers and we will fix it as soon as we can".  See attached.

I get this on every new "page" or section I go to in the app.  The app itself works just fine, I just have to hit "ok" on that error every time I click something.

This only happens while I am connected to my work network, which uses custom DNS servers (used for malware and filtering).  If I set DNS back to normal (say Comcast or Google) there is no error.

Is there a way we can disable this pop up on DNS errors? As clearly the rest of the app is working fine.  Incredibly annoying and makes the app almost unusable.



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Well, will give it a go. The same problem here see: 

I use the custom DNS from my Dutch Provider: XS4all

Will change it to the Google one. Then will report back. 

I changed the dns settings to the Google ones but that didn't change the behaviour.

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