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Description:  Option to select/prioritize CCS chargers with >50  kw capacity   (or >100 kw). 

Use Case:  Trip planning for the I-pace (and other cars) CCS charger with more than 50 kw is preferred when planning and selecting chargepoints is becoming more relevant with new networks and new cars.  Currently  this can be done with setting some preferred networks and manual finetuning of a planned route.    


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Conveniently, we already do this! If your car can support a faster than 50kW charge, we analyze the best available chargers starting with the fastest chargers with the most stalls, and work our way down.  If you save some time by charging faster and going out of your way to the charger, we'll direct you there.

If you're seeing our charger selection isn't optimal, could you send us an example plan where there are better charging locations available and we can investigate why our optimization isn't catching those chargers?

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