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Add opt-out to data sharing/collection

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Description:  Add opt-out to not share SuC availability of my Tesla API account

Use Case: The SuC availability data is retrieved from the Tesla API. Now displaying this is a "premium" feature while the data comes from my own Tesla account if its within driving range. Meaning that ABRP is collection and processing this data for your "premium" feature but I don't have access to my own data.

I want to opt-out of ABRP to use my cars live data for "premium" features. Meaning, I don't want to share my data with others if I cannot make use of it.

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We do plan to make the raw live Supercharger stall data available to you directly in ABRP as a free user (like we do in the classic site), and we do recognize that the API data is critical to the premium feature.  The planning piece of the live charger data has a non-zero cost, so we would have a difficult time providing it without premium subscriptions.

We're operating a free planning service, and that costs a lot of money.  Restricting some features as premium is how we fund some of that to keep the default service free (especially those features which cost us additional money or processing power, or storage, over the standard planning), and another way you can contribute to keeping the service free is by contributing data.  

I hope you get enough value out of the free tool to warrant contributing data, and I totally understand if you want to opt out.  That said, you can easily opt out entirely by disconnecting your MyTesla account, or setting up an alternate Live Data method.  I know there are several OBD apps which connect with Teslas, we'd be happy to add support for Live Data from those, and that wouldn't provide the supercharger status.

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