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Automatically planned route to "current location"?


It this the intended behaviour? It is logical behaviour?

I started with a new route by removing all entries and the first to "home". The "current location" is still the 2nd entry, no chance to remove it.

Next step I clicked the map and added this. Then pressed the "calc route" (old play) button. And it created a route from home to that point and then a continued route to my current location.

So if I want to configure a route to a location on the map I have to return back to the planner. Otherwise it will create a route there and back to my current location.

Generally spocken, this "calc route" button on any place is still confusing or surprising me.

(btw. noticed that you fixed my report that when loading a saved plan the back button now returns to the edit mode, thanks!)


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Hmm, I see what you're saying, if we have an empty destination, then it should probably use the map marker rather than assuming you want to stop by your current position first.  I've added that to our to-do list, should be a pretty easy update.

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