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New UI improvements, other things

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I love your service and would like to see more improvements on the new UI to make it more convenient.

I'm talking in specific about the usability in the Tesla Model 3 browser.

1. Button sizes:


Most of them are right sized, but around the navigation area, it's a fail. The handles are to small to grap, the X can't be touched in a moving car, the setting are not distinguishable, letters to small. There is a lot of space usable. See the Tesla icons as a size reference.

2. Burn down chart:

What happens on the right end of the burn down chart?

Shouldn't there be also the planned arrival SOC be shown in blue?

I think it would also make sense to show the red arrival SOC, that is calculated after driving faster, below the planned SOC. If I would consume less, than in green above.


Also I would show the current SOC red below and green above the planned SOC in blue. Maybe even the red text to a red dot on the red line.

3. I already reported, that the GPS is sometimes of in position. I cannot send my destination to the Tesla, until I'm on the route, which I'm not at the beginning, when I entered the destination. So I have to fiddle around after starting to drive. It would be better to be able to send the destination, no matter of I'm on the route or not.


4. I still get some white screens here and there in the middle of a routing. 


It would be great, if you take these improvements into account.

Thanks for your work.


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