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At charger how many kWh

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During route planning but also while charging ABRP shows the planned start and target percentage. I assue internally ABRP knows how many kWh has to be charged.

Would it be possible to show the planned amount of charged kWh so one could estimate the price using his charging card?

Example output:

23% - 83% (20 kWh)


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ABPR prices at Fastned and Ionity are mostly useless... at least in Germany (may be some other EU countries also).

Nobody will pay 79 cent/kWh at Ionity, I will also not pay 59 cent/kWh at Fastned. I have tariff for both 35 cent/kWh (some of germans pay as low as 25cent/kWh).
Also if some has a special deal, from Audi, Porsche... they also pay another prices. Also in this case number of kWh is more relevant as "standard price" assumption.

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Yes, in the UK we can either use Maingau to pay about £0.4 per kWh, or ChargePoint to pay £7.60 per session.... so it would be good for ABRP to always show the required kWh, even if it does know the price the network itself charges (£0.69 per kWh for Ionity).

That way we could easily work out whether we should use Maingau (<19kWh) or ChargePoint (>19kWh).



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Hi @green light, @Eugenius, @Ou Boet, @TomTomZoe, @Bill N!

Can see this has been requested for quite some time now and there should be no problem with adding the kWh value by start and end SoC for the charging stop info. We'll have this implemented.

Regarding pricing info, currently it is not specific. We use the standard rates since accurate and updated pricing data isn't exactly readily available. However in the future we do wish to find a way to improve this and even tailor the prices to whatever cards or memberships the user has. 


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