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Glympse likefeature to share planed route, ETA and position

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Description:  generate a link that opens a map that show the planned route, actual position and ETA to everyone who knows this link.

Use Case: I want to have the opportunity to just generate a link, that I can send to a person via email, Whatsapp or any other messenger to quickly inform where I am and when I will arrive at my destination. I use this often when I visited friends in Austria or Switzerland. I need 8 or more hours to get there. So I normally send them a Glympse so that they can see the progress of my journey. The BMW (I owned before my Tesla) automatically updated Glympse with the data from the onboard navigation. So any known traffic issues or route changes that effected the ETA will be shown to the person I want to visit. Parallel I can send the link to my wife, my mother or any other person I want to be informed about the progress of my journey.

Link to https://glympse.com/

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