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Where are you from? Montpelier,Vermont USA

What car do you drive?Nissian Leaf 2019 SV+62kWh

What's the longest trip you've taken in your EV? This EV the most notable was a trip this winter. 77miles round trip Temp -13F. ABRP estimated range was spot on for that trip.

I have had 3 Nissan Leafs so far. a 2016 SV 30kWh battery, a 2019 SV 40 kWh, and my current 2019 SV+ 62kWh.

With the 2016 i took two trips for home to Boston,MA when there were far less L3 chargers than there are now. My daily commute was 64miles round trip year round. I rigged up charging at work so those trips were easy to do even in winter. L2 with a modified Nissan EVSE at work and L1 at home.

Still use L1 at home and it's fine for what I do. I now work several miles from home. 

It has been a challenge to figure out trips with the Leaf as the tools in the car are very limited. On the Long trips mentioned I usually charged high to be sure I would have enough. It worked out fine but I'm sure it was harder on the battery than needed.

ABRP is very good at sharpening that tool. Give reliable rage predictions allows for less charging and using the battery at lower percentages. The Leaf prefers to fast charge from a lower percentage to get faster charge times. The car uses passive cooling so trying to fast charge at higher percentages slows the charge speed dramatically. 

I applaud the ABRP elopers on this endeavor. It is hard to get complex software perfect or even reasonable functional. They could not release it till it had most of its bugs cleared but that would take lots of development time or many people. Both of those things are expensive. I for one am willing to put up with the bugs and help these folks get this project off the ground. As long as the basics of being reasonable accurate so I can make a trip I am happy. The live data features will be a work in progress for a bit I'm sure. 

Keep up the great work!


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