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hello all

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Where are you from? Upstate NY

What car do you drive? Bolt EV (Was a 2017 now a 2020)

What's the longest trip you've taken in your EV? aprox 600 miles, roundtrip from Upstate NY to South Western PA and back

I have made the Upstate NY to Western PA trip a few times over the last few years, first time with level 2, now much easier with DCFC and Electrify America stations. It is great to see how ABRP has progressed and how DCFC has built out in the US over the last two years. As far as DCFC has come for EV road trips it still has a ways to go with charger reliability, added redundancy, and general ease of use, but it sure fun to be part of the EV transportation revolution.  

I sure do appreciate all the work the ABRP team has put into developing the planning tool and glad to now be part of the forum

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