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Bolt 2017-2019 VS 2020 efficiency

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ABRP has progressed incredibly quickly to become the gold standard of EV trip planning! Great work to the technical team behind the scenes.

I very recently transitioned from a 2017 Bolt EV to a 2020 Bolt EV. Just yesterday I registered the new vehicle and linked it to Torque to start to upload some data to ABRP.  The 2020+ Bolt is clearly marked "beta" in my app.   A recent 2017 to 2020 efficiency comparison video Steve did (Plug and play EV) got me wondering if some of the model year changes GM made could have negatively impacted the efficiency. The EPA rating for the Bolt is unchanged but Steve's results are a bit surprising.

Does ABRP yet have sufficient data uploaded on the 2020 to draw any conclusions regarding Bolt EV 2017 to Bolt EV 2020 potential efficiency differences?

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