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Non-Existent Chargers


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It depends on the source.  For those we know of edit links, you should see a link on the popup like so:


However, I've noticed the biggest offender of inaccurate information on chargers is the NREL.gov database.  I've had some luck getting them to fix data by contacting them directly, but we still use them as their data is so comprehensive.  If a charger is in the US, and it's wrong with no edit link, odds are pretty good that it's from the NREL.gov database, and you can contact them through this link to try to get them to fix it:


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Both in Canada, and no edit link on either of them.

88 Marr Rd, Rothesay, NB

That one is right near a real one so no harm, but the surprise was 

5 Route 172, Upper Letang, NB

Where it's a bit of a distance to the next one, and was a bit of fun.



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