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Can EVnotify or Torque pro run in the background on a android tab together with ABRP?

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Is it possible to run EVnotify or Torque Pro in the background on an Andoid tablet? I want to use that together with the Andoid ABRP app in the same device.

Is that possible? Anyone tha do the same? Or must I have a separate device running with EVnotify or Torque pro and then run ABRP on another device?

Thanks for support.

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@Conny: yes.

I use a cheap android 8.0 phone, without a SIM card. 

In Evnotify under settings, you need to tap the version number a few times to get in the the advanced settings menu, where you can select the "run in background" option.

You do need to use a hotspot (e.g. your phone) for internet access, since your live data needs to be uploaded to internet, transferred to the ABRP webserver and then used in the ABRP app.

The app also requires you to be online (at least for live data and routeplanning)

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