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Jason Huang

Black Screen on Iphone 6+

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Description: Since version 3.9.19, I got full back screen when open ABRP from my Iphone6+, the same issue also appear from the latest version 4.0.1. Which used working well in version 3.9.17/18.
Type: Iphone app
Link to Plan: It's not relate with routing issue, ABRP used to working well on the same device  
Replication Steps:

Can anyone tell me how to rollback to old version, such as 3.9.17 or 18, they were working well. Issue started from version 3.9.19, neither 4.0.1.

There is no reproduce steps/procedure exist, ABRP doesn't works from my end, always get black screen when I open it.

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Got the same problem  black screen on my iphone 5S as well as on the iPhone 6 

deinstallation does not help 

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Thanks for all the reports! We found the problem with iOS older than version 13, Apple has apparently changed how apps are started, but found a workaround. Releasing later today!

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